MRM, DHEA, 50 mg, 90 Vegan Capsules

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegan Capsule
Serving Per Container: 90
 Amount Per Serving%Daily Value
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)50 mg*
*Daily Value not established.
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  • Healthy Aging 
  • Dietary Supplement 
  • Gluten Free
  • Certified Vegan
  • Non GMO Project Verified 
  • Supports Healthy Aging & Longevity 
  • Micronized for Superior Absorption
  • HPLC Tested For Potency & Purity 

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is produced in the adrenal glands from pregnenolone and eventually converted into testosterone, estrone, and estradiol. The marked reduction in DHEA by the adrenals during aging results in a dramatic fall in the formation of active sex steroids in peripheral target tissues. This creates a situation which is thought to be associated with a long series of age related decreases such as insulin resistance, obesity, muscle mass, bone and cardiovascular health.

It is the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in humans, where it functions predominantly as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex steroids. 

DHEA supplementation has shown an ability to return blood sex hormone levels to those enjoyed in younger years. DHEA in appropriate replacement doses appears to have remedial effects with respect to its ability to induce an anabolic growth factor, increase muscle strength and lean body mass, support immune health, and enhance quality of life in aging men and women.


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